AI-Based Software Development Services

As consumer expectations continue to surge in this digital era, there's a consistent requirement for enhanced services, quicker delivery, superior user experiences, and top-tier software quality. Organizations striving to maintain customer satisfaction must accelerate their digital transformation endeavors. If your enterprise aspires to remain relevant in the current competitive landscape, it becomes vital to develop software efficiently and economically. Several alternatives exist for custom AI software development that don't necessarily drain your resources. Here's a glance at a few notable AI software development services:

Platform as a Service (PAAS) for AI

One sought-after AI development service is PAAS. This service, part of the software as a service solutions suite, empowers organizations to formulate, launch, and manage their personalized AI applications. Constructed on an existing platform, PAAS can be employed to scrutinize data and generate AI algorithms. Renowned PAAS solutions consist of Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. PAAS is an excellent starting point for AI development services, predominantly used by AI-utilizing organizations. The primary advantage of PAAS is that it facilitates swift construction and deployment of bespoke AI applications without the need to invest heavily in comprehensive AI infrastructure. PAAS solutions are scalable and applicable in creating diverse AI-powered applications.

AI Development Software

Another prevalent AI development service involves the use of pre-established software for AI. This is one of the most cost-effective methods to initiate AI, as it negates the need to build an AI application from scratch or invest in software licenses. An example is an NLP engine, a software capable of processing language and comprehending word meanings. NLP engines, used for sentiment analysis, language identification, and voice recognition, among others, are ideal for organizations interested in using natural language for data analysis, predictive modeling, and other AI applications.

Machine Learning Development Software

Machine learning stands out as a favorite AI development service for creating sophisticated algorithms. This service allows organizations to construct algorithms that can learn from data and enhance with time. Machine learning, suitable for predictive modeling, customer segmentation, anomaly detection, and more, sets itself apart from other AI services as it necessitates some initial programming. With machine learning development software, although you can design your algorithm, customization of your application is limited.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is an excellent choice for those aiming to develop software that interacts with customers and boosts productivity. As a software that automates repetitive tasks, RPA can be used to build applications that execute actions such as creating customer accounts, processing data, and populating databases. RPA also automates customer engagement tasks like email dispatching and customer call placement. This service is capable of consolidating customer data from multiple sources like CRMs and online stores. Additionally, it can manage customer service interactions, such as order fulfillment and order updates.

Benefits of Co-development in AI

Co-development is an effective strategy for creating AI software without the need to start from scratch. It involves the collaboration of two or more organizations on a shared software project.

For instance, a marketing manager may team up with engineers and data scientists to create a predictive modeling solution. Similarly, an IT manager could collaborate with customer service representatives and data analysts to automate customer support tasks.

Such collaborations are not new and are indeed practiced to some extent by most organizations. However, their potential can be greatly expanded within the context of AI development services.

Key benefits of co-development include:

  1. Customization: Co-development allows organizations to create tailored software solutions that precisely meet their needs.

  2. Satisfaction: Collaborative development often results in software that all parties are satisfied with, since each stakeholder has a say in the development process.

  3. Efficiency: The shared effort in co-development can save significant time and money, streamlining the development process and reducing costs.

Transform your business with our AI products

Leverage the power of AI with our suite of pre-built applications designed to automate business operations and decisions, freeing up your team's time and accelerating your business transformation.

Key Features:

  1. Oracle Implementation Solution: Boost your Defi development network's potential using our Oracle implementation solution.

  2. Smart Face Mask Detection System: Automate the process of identifying individuals without masks, leveraging our unique AI training capabilities tailored to your industry specifics, and ensuring fast and accurate data delivery across all channels.

  3. Intelligent Products: Aggregate, analyze, and accelerate your business growth with our array of intelligent products.

  4. Social Distancing Alert System: Deploy our AI-powered system that smartly identifies and alerts individuals who do not comply with social distancing norms.

With our AI applications, you can scale your operations to meet the demands of your customers effectively. Transform your business today with our AI solutions.

Aggregate, Analyze and Accelerate with our Intelligent Products

Social Distancing Alert System Intelligently identifies and notifies individuals who do not adhere to social distance guidelines.

Facial covering Discovery

Computerize identification of individuals without covers with our Shrewd Facial covering Recognition Framework.

Social Distancing Alert System

Intelligently identifies and notifies individuals who do not adhere to social distance guidelines.

Using our Contactless Attendance Solution

you can keep track of attendance by using face recognition.

Our Expertise in Industry-Wide AI Software Development

Banking: Harness the power of AI and Machine Learning (ML) to streamline knowledge bases, tackle cyber threats, and enhance operational and financial efficiency.

Healthcare: Employ consumer-focused, AI-powered healthcare wearables and progressive humanoid designs for early disease detection and active lifestyle management.

Real Estate: Utilize AI-driven solutions for asset management, property valuation, simplified collaboration, peer-to-peer transactions, and supply chain management in the real estate sector.

Telecom: Deliver unparalleled customer service at minimum costs with AI-fused chat support, automated knowledge bases, cyber security measures, and data accuracy in the telecom industry.

Why Choose VSS for AI Application Development Services?

As a well-known AI development company, we incorporate AI capabilities into cutting-edge business applications to speed up decision-making and automate routine tasks.

360-Degree Requirement Analysis

Analyze your project's requirements in detail and come up with a solution that uses the most qualified AI developers for the job.

24X7 Support

Complete AI development assistance, including post-deployment support and assistance with strategy, development, and launch.

Result-Driven Solutions

Our AI-powered software and applications are designed to provide quick, result-oriented solutions.

Seasoned Professionals

Experts We provide global clients with unrivaled AI application development services, supported by a large group of skilled AI developers.

Maximum Security and Scalability

High-security plugins and cutting-edge data encryption offer protection from new malware and threats.

Agile Software Development

Our cross-functional team employs agile software development's collaborative method.

Utilize a Variety of Engagement Models to Hire AI Developers

As a well-known AI development company, we provide adaptable engagement plans for software or application development projects that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.Request a quote for your AI solutions development project based on our custom models.

Fixed Price Model

The Fixed Price Model is best for AI projects of a medium or small size.Customers can use this model to pay for the entire project's milestone deliverables at a single price.

Time and Material Model

Ideal for artificial intelligence helped programming improvement projects where the necessities are adaptable and change often.The customer is charged according to the team's monthly efforts.

SLA/Milestone Based Model

When you need to hire AI developers for an iterative, process-oriented project with clearly defined internal and external milestones, the SLA/Milestone Based Model is ideal.

Build Your Team ® Model

The Build Your Team ® Model lets you get AI coders who are world-class, the best of the best, and highly skilled whenever and wherever you need them.

Our Portfolio of Artificial Intelligence

Smart Visitor Management ™

Through its Smart visitor Management module, Countability's Smart visitor Management makes use of AI to avoid an emergency.It uses Machine Learning (ML) to predict visitor behavior and alerts stakeholders in advance.In the event of an emergency, Countability counts the students using computer vision and image processing.

World’s First Robotic Tea Maker

Arya is the first artificial intelligence-capable chai-making robot in history.Using machine learning (ML), it can predict a user's behavior and respond with a precise recipe name after detecting a user's face with computer vision.To take the next order, it uses speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP).

TimeCloud, an AI-based roster management and time tracking app

Manages employee time and attendance records by utilizing AI and facial recognition.We integrated the client's cloud-based HR management with the AI-based attendance tracking system.

Marketplace for AI applications

AppsStore.ai is a computer vision marketplace for AI applications that lets you connect your camera feeds to AI applications.We developed a marketplace of computer vision applications that can be used to generate user reports, resolve difficult business issues, and identify faces with any IP camera.